About Us

Today the computer has invaded our everyday life, everywhere. One cannot remain complacent by ignoring the computer. To do so would mean that you are allowing yourself to be an outcast and out of step from the rest of the world.

At ICA, we always aim for perfection. Perfection not only in training methods, but also in key areas & Technology we select. Naturally, this also applies to the way we treat our methodologies & manpower too. Encouraging professionals to aim for excellence in the skills they possess. Providing them, with practical exposure to high-end technologies, platforms, state-of- art infrastructure & guiding them in their quest for perfection.

Computer literacy is now a prerequisite for almost every job and the field of Information Technology throws up careers by millions with every new progression. In the midst of this revolution ICA continues to provide skilled professionals to the IT world, who not only have a firm grasp on knowledge but also have access to the latest software and most importantly, adaptability to the needs of a changing environment.

Today with a world class training we render, placement and marketing services across the globe, a well organized hardware training Lab and reputation for software innovation that few can beat, we had now introduce you to our family, our focus areas, our strengths and Create a Passion for Excellence in you.